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Seeking 6th grade boys for 3v3 fall team
by Sax on 8/14/2018


BIG HEART BASKETBALL, a faith-based competitive basketball program, is seeking two additional 6th graders for our fall 3v3 6th grade boys competitive basketball team. Our team is based out of Arvada. The team will be playing in the JPS Fall 2018 3v3 league slated to start early September. 

Please contact Coach Sax for a personal tryout, sax@n2sports.org or 720-515-0159. 




Competitive basketball players wanted
by Anthony "Dizzy" Carter on 8/8/2018


Competitive basketball organization Colorado Tundra Elite, looking for competitive players from the ages of 8 to 14. We are traveling team if you're interested please contact us coloradotundraelite@gmail.com, twitter: @TundraElite, Facebook: Coloradotundraelite/facebook.com  https://m.facebook.com/coloradotundraelite/

Looking for7th grade girls team
by Kim Ledden on 7/29/2018

My daughter is looking to play if there is a team that needs s player.  



12 Under Boys
by Coach C on 7/17/2018


Are you looking for competitive 12 under boys team? potential opening for... 2 post players... 1 swing player... 1 point guard.. If you are... a young 7th grader... a competitive 6th grader... an elite 5th grader... ColoradoLightning.com/tryout ... Thanks... Coach C... ColoradoLightning.com

Grade 2 Player Looking for a Team
by michael l smith on 7/2/2018

Interested in a Grade 2 Team looking to pick up a Grade 3 player for a 3-on-3 Fall 2018 League.  To confirm, my son completed 2nd Grade in Spring, 2018.


Please let me know if you have a spot on your Fall 2018 Grade 3 Team for my son.





(720) 272-6845


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